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You can make the difference in the life of an animal each month of the year by becoming a Constant Companion.  Help us give at-risk dogs a second chance and a brighter future for as little as $5.00 per month!

Ivy at vet

Our Constant Companions are a dedicated group of animal lovers and advocates of For Otis Sake who support us and help save lives through monthly donations. 

These monthly donations provide a reliable income stream, allowing us to focus more time and resources on saving lives, and less on fundraising.  Use the drop down menu below to select your amount and begin making automatic monthly donations to For Otis Sake. 

As a Constant Companion, you will receive exclusive news about our rescue efforts and how your gift is being used.

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How your donation helps...

  • Partner - $5.00/month - provide treats and toys for our dogs in foster care. 
  • Protector - $10.00/month - provide food and cover basic expenses for our rescued pups. 
  • Guardian - $25.00/month - provide flea/tick/Heartworm and other preventative treatments.
  • Hero - $50.00/month - provide vaccinations and various tests to make sure all of our dogs go to their forever home happy and healthy. 
  • Champion - $100.00/month - offset  expenses for spay/neuter and emergency surgeries, and other major veterinary treatments. 

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Your monthly gift helps animals like these...

Otter immediately following rescue

Otter - Veterinary/Surgical expenses $3101

What could have been the end for Otter ended up being his lucky day... You see Otter was scheduled to be euthanized the day we rescued him.  He was half the size of his litter mates, regurgitating his food, malnourished and weak.  

We made sure he received a full examination where he was diagnosed with Persistent Right Aortic Arch (PRAA).  In basic terms, a blood vessel was wrapped around his esophagus which restricted his ability to get food into his stomach.  This essentially caused Megaesophagus  (ME) as a secondary condition.  Surgery was performed which resolved the PRAA and ME conditions.  He recuperated under the watchful eye of his foster mom, made a complete recovery and is now enjoying life in his forever home.  He has grown into the happiest, healthiest, handsomest big boy around! 

Bailey x-ray

Allie (Now Bailey) - Veterinary/Surgical expenses $3167

An individual was driving down a dark road in Ohio when Allie darted out in front of her.  The good Samaritan rushed her to an emergency hospital and began to search for her her owners but no one stepped forward, no one reported her missing.  This individual then began putting out pleas for help for the German Shorthair Pointer pup and we answered the call.  Once she was stabilized and able to be transported, Allie made her way to Hagerstown.  

X-rays determined she had multiple fractures in her right leg and buck shot embedded under her skin.  Veterinary staff performed a long, difficult, emergency surgery to amputate the wounded leg.  Her foster family spoiled her rotten, loved her to pieces, and prepared her for life in an equally wonderful family.  She was adopted by our Foster Coordinator, Stephanie, and can be seen regularly at FOS events and activities!  


Mama Rose and pups - Veterinary/Surgical/Other expenses $3635

Mama Rose and her litter of 5 pups came to us all the way from Texas after having been found abandoned and alone.  The pups were in decent shape thanks to great care by their mama but she, on the other hand, was in pretty rough shape.  After a thorough veterinary exam, it was determined that she was about 4 years of age and had already had several litters of pups.  She was also diagnosed with dental issues from chewing on metal  or other hard materials, a severe skin condition, an ear infection and a hematoma on her hip.  It was also determined that she would need to have her eye removed because of limited vision and recurring eye infections.  

That was her story in August... and let's just say this story, of course, has a For Otis Sake happy ending.  All 5 pups were adopted (after almost breaking the Internet due to the overwhelming response from applicants) AND Mama Rose (now known as Mama Derby Rose) was adopted by her foster family.  We can understand why they grew so attached to this kind, gentle soul who sacrificed so her pups could thrive.  

Look at them now!

Otter now


Mama Derby Rose


Bailey now


Mama Derby Rose



Mama Derby Rose

Mama Derby Rose

Mama Derby Rose

Frequently Asked Questions

As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, donations to For Otis Sake Rescue are tax deductible.  

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Every gift helps us save lives.  

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