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When was the last time you saved a life?

Foster Opportunities

Why foster?

Because it really does save the lives of these high-risk dogs...   

We pull high risk dogs, the dogs with zero time left or that have medical issues that prevent their adoption from the facility.  Why are they still there? We have no idea because we have found them to be genuinely great pets with tons of love to give.  It could be their placement in the shelter or perhaps people never made it to their wing to see them.  It could be their extensive medical needs that the under funded shelter cannot attend to.   Regardless, we find them perfect homes BUT we cannot do this without fosters... we do not have a physical location and boarding is expensive.

Do you have room in your home and heart for a dog in need of rescue?  We are ALWAYS seeking quality fosters for our animals in need.  We have dogs and puppies sitting in facilities right now waiting for us to rescue them but we cannot do it without a foster home.

How does fostering work?

Fosters provide a temporary home and safe haven for animals as we seek out the perfect forever home.  The animal remains the responsibility of For Otis Sake and all vetting, food and supplies are provided by For Otis Sake.  You are just a short-term safe haven for them on their road to forever happiness.

Fosters may be asked to bring the animal to adoption events so that our volunteers can give them a chance to meet potential adopters.  You do not need to stay, but we love our foster’s to be available to speak to the animals behavior, unique characteristics and overall personality!  You would be amazed at the value of a foster parents testimonial for these pets.  We may ask that you transport to the vet when possible and provide positive, reward-based reinforcement for the dogs.  We are here to help you every step of the way.  You open your home as a loving, nurturing and safe environment for these pets that have been abandoned,  neglected or worse.  

What does fostering cost the foster?


While any foster may donate any portion they feel inclined... we do not expect anything!  You are doing us a great service and saving the lives of not only your foster pet but making room to save another life!  BEING A LIFESAVER IS AMAZING AND A GREAT HONOR!  For Otis Sake will pay all costs for food, supplies and vet care needed.  We will supply crates, carriers, dog beds, blankets and toys.  You supply the place to crash and love!  We want the foster experience to be awesome for everyone!

So, what’s in it for you?

You are a lifesaver, superhero or whatever you want to call yourself!  You are in fact saving the life of an animal that would have had a high probability of being euthanized.  You get the unconditional love of a pet and help transition him/her to their FUREVER home!  That is what you get, and trust us it is the most selfless and giving thing a person can do for these animals.

Why does fostering matter?

We get 100's of request per week to save high-risk, abandoned and neglected pets per week.  We travel from Maryland to West Virginia or Ohio wherever the PAWS of freedom take us we go willingly.  We make sure these beautiful souls know when they reach our care they are SAFE and no one will ever harm them again.  How many we can save from staying in bad situations or spending their days in shelters or even not making it out of the facilities, directly aligns to how many foster homes we have.


Are you ready to be a Superhero?? Please fill out the Foster Application below!  If you have any questions, please send us an email at

Adoption Coordinators

Adoption Coordinators (ACs) are involved in facilitating the placement of adoptable dogs into their new homes through marketing the dogs for adoption and screening potential adopters. Each and every For Otis Sake pet that is available for adoption is assigned an AC who is ultimately a matchmaker; finding perfect homes for each pet by matching them with the right parents. The AC screens potential adopters, facilitates the adoption and serves as a resource for adopters as their new For Otis Sake transitions into their home. Adoption coordinators complete a one-time training and are paired with a seasoned AC to mentor them through the beginning months.

Be a part of the “Freedom Ride”

When our rescues arrive, we need help getting out of the van, taking them for walks, giving them water, and getting them fitted with no-slip, martingale collars.  For Otis Sake loves our FREEDOM RIDES!  There is nothing like the happiness and satisfaction of a dog that knows they are SAFE.  The first words our animals hear are “welcome to For Otis Sake you are safe and we will find you the perfect home”.  Those are not just words to us, they are part of our mission!

Can I give you a lift?

Sometimes our fosters need a hand giving their foster dogs a ride to/from an adoption event or to/from the vet.  We also need help getting our dogs to and from our partner boarding facilities.  If you are 16 years of age or older, have a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance, you could mean the difference between life and death for one of our dogs!  If you have time during the day or on a weekend to give a For Otis Sake pet a lift, we need you!  Please complete our volunteer application.