Our Story

Our Mission and Vision

For Otis Sake was founded in honor of an amazing Chocolate Lab named Otis. In 2006, Otis was diagnosed with Mega-esophagus (aka ME).  While he survived 3.5 years post diagnosis, he still left us far too soon...  

Our mission is to rescue in his honor.

For Otis Sake Rescue Groups, Inc. rescues, rehabs and rehomes at-risk dogs that have been pulled from under-funded and overcrowded shelters and animal control facilities across the United States.  We are a foster-only organization with no facility. Donations and money raised through fundraising activities are used to cover veterinary care, medication, food, and training expenses for our rescued animals as we prepare them for their adoptive families. 

Since its inception in 2014, For Otis Sake has rescued and assisted in the adoption of over 300 animals and has the vision of opening a physical shelter.  This shelter would be a transformational home for those animals that need it the most. 

All of our dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and health issues are addressed prior to their adoption. While this may seem excessive, we do not want any animal to go to its forever home with known health issues that need to be resolved. We have funded amputations, dental extractions, spays/neuters, cancer treatments, emergency surgeries, training and much more. We do this because we believe each animal that reaches our rescue should be treated in the same loving manner that we treat our own. 

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Happy Anniversary

We have officially been a rescue for four years as of October 1, 2018, having received our 501c(3) IRS determination on October 1, 2014.  For Otis Sake has seen tremendous growth throughout these three years due in no small part to the hard work and dedication of its fosters, volunteers, adopters, donors and every other individual that stands behind and supports the organization. 

Into the Wild

For Otis Sake Rescue has undergone many changes over the past few months to grow and expand our footprint in the rescue world. We have changed our operating model, restructured our board members to be more aligned with our vision and are offering smaller rescues seeking non-profit status to operate under the For Otis Sake Rescue umbrella. 

Our first rescue to join is a fellow volunteer and rescue advocate. Trisha Bair Horowitz and her cat rescue “Into the Wild” has become part of the For Otis Sake Family. She will maintain her own autonomy but will operate as a division of For Otis Sake. This allows her to continue to drive her passion for cat rescue while building her foster base, expanding her fundraising options while leveraging the solid rescue model we have established. 

Please welcome Trisha and “Into the Wild” cat rescue...  we wish her luck on her new adventure!

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Who We Are

Laurie Brewer

Laurie Brewer and dog

Founder, President

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Kelly Middleton

Kelly Middleton and Hunter

Co-Founder, Vice President

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Jona French

Jona French, husband and dogs

Fundraising Director

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Brian Getz

Image of Brian Getz and foster dog Blue

 Community Outreach and Engagement 

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Beth Martz

Adoption Coordinator

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Trisha Horowitz

Trisha Horowitz and cat

Founder, Into the Wild 

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The For Otis Sake Difference

  • All of our dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, health issues addressed/cleared and anything that needs to be cared for is done prior to adoption. 
  • We take the health and well-being of our rescues very seriously.  We have funded amputations, dental cleaning/extractions, spays/neuters, cancer treatments, training and much more.
  • We average between $2500 - $5000 per month in veterinary care, preventative treatments, special diets and whatever else is needed to keep our rescues happy and healthy. 
  • We have seen an marked increase in expenses due to increased rescues of senior dogs and special medical cases, 
  • Our Board of Directors and volunteers go above and beyond to assist us in our mission and donate personal funds and time while balancing full-time careers and family.