Our Mission

    Our mission at For Otis Sake is to save Death Row Dogs by pulling them from high-kill animal control and shelter facilities in WV, VA, PA, OH, GA, FL, NC, KY, TX and MD. The lists of states we touch is growing every month! We are a foster only organization with no facility and all donations are used to provide medical care, food, medication and training for our rescued animals preparing them for their adoptive families. As you can imagine many of the animals we save have been neglected and require extensive care to return to health and we treat all of their medical needs to provide them with a healthy, happy future. In addition, we work with our local Hospice organization to help their patients identify homes for their pets that will be left behind providing them with peace of mind and preventing these pets from ending up in shelters.

If you are interested in becoming a member of For Otis Sake Rescue, please contact Laurie Brewer @ lauriebrewer@forotissake.org to discuss how you can grow your rescue efforts! Building a network of rescues only benefits the animals waiting in the dark for the light of a rescue to give them their 2nd chance at life!

Make a Difference

Become a Foster Family

Please consider becoming a FOSTER...it truly makes you a LIFESAVER! We are in need of new foster families and would love to speak with you about our foster program. Please read about our foster program. Fosters are the transition and transformation variable of our rescue and they prepare all For Otis Sake rescued animals for a life of happiness.